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Can’t multiplayer over wireless LAN or via internet (iPad)

Added by Philip Burge about 1 year ago. Updated 12 months ago.

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Dresden Files Cooperative - 1.0.3
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As above

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iPad Pro and iPad 3
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Able to play a multiplayer game over LAN or internet

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Dresden Files Cooperative - 1.0.3
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Online Network
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My wife and I are trying to play a multiplayer game on our iPads over our wireless LAN or via internet but while one player can set up the game, and generate an authentication code to join, the other player’s iPad just doesn’t connect - it appears to find the game, but then it just sits there thinking about joining. The app also appears to crash when you try and cancel and return to the main menu.


#1 Updated by Jason Maltzen about 1 year ago

Sorry to hear you're having trouble setting up a network game. Hopefully we can help.

To start: what are you seeing when you set up a LAN game? Is the second device able to find the game on the LAN after the first device starts hosting? If not, can you attach screenshots to this ticket from the devices? What you should expect to see is one device (the one that started the game) at the "Network Game" screen with the ability to select characters and a "(Waiting for players...)" showing the other player's character selection, and the other device that's searching for games at the "Find Games" screen with a "Games Found" box - hopefully showing a game discovered on the LAN.

If not, there are a couple of initial things to check:
(1) are both devices running the same version of the game (1.0.3)?
(2) are both devices connected to the same wifi network?

Setting up an Internet game requires a little more effort, as you'll most likely have to set up port forwarding through your router and possibly open up some firewall restrictions. We have some help on our forums at

You can also try a direct connection game if you can determine the IP address of the device you're using as the host. The "Internet Game" feature automates some of that, but at the cost of the connection going out over the internet instead of using the local LAN address (and thus possibly requiring port forwarding as mentioned above).

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Per email, it turns out the devices were on different wifi networks.

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