Bug #472

"Resume game" doesn't work as expected

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Stop Thief
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Restoration Games - 1.0.0
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Android Phone
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Played a game with friends and we went out of the "Get a clue" screen (Make An Arrest/Get private tip/Replay clue/Get a clue) to the screen before (New Game/Resume Game/Rules).

We then hit 'Resume game' and after capturing the thief, realised that the thief's movement didn't match what we heard. Tested it out afterwards and it seems like going back to the screen before resets the thief's movements (despite the promise of "Resume Game")

To reproduce
  1. Start game
  2. Get some clues (ie. normal gameplay). Note: Keep track of the moves to compare with afterwards
  3. When in "Get a clue" screen, hit the back button on the top left
  4. Hit the "Resume Game" button
  5. Continue to get clues/play game. Note: Continue to keep track of moves
  6. Catch thief
  7. Watch replay

The thief movement contains the continuous movement from notes taken in #2 and #5

The thief movement is only from #5

Note: This only seems to happen when you use the top-left back button. When you use the home button the behaviour is as expected

When starting the app even after finishing a game and hitting 'Exit', the "Resume game" option is still there...which doesn't make much sense since there is no game to resume


#1 Updated by Jason Maltzen over 1 year ago

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  • Target version set to 1.0.1

#2 Updated by Jason Maltzen over 1 year ago

Confirmed both issues. The game isn't saved out correctly right now when using the "back" button from the new turn screen, and the saved game isn't cleared properly when exiting from the victory page.

#3 Updated by Jason Maltzen over 1 year ago

  • Status changed from Accepted to Claim Resolved
  • Resolved Version set to 1.0.1

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