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Too easy to miss the replay button. Allow replay of the last thief's movements at a later time.

Added by Jason Maltzen over 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

Stop Thief
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The watch replay button may not catch a user's eye, and if someone clicks "no" right now, it instantly moves to the next crime with no chance for a replay.

That's the reason. For the very first thief we played I wanted to see the replay but clicked the No button and it immediately moved me to the next crime.
It may be better if the yes/no button didn't do a full page turn but instead then presented a 'Start the next crime' button or something with the Replay button still visible.

I agree. I think this is a little lower on my wish list because it is a problem with the user interface design rather than a bug. If you know where the problem is, you can get the thing to work pretty easily right now. In the long run, after the other bugs are fixed, this is a good thing to fix.


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